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23 historical maps about war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1991 to 1995.

- Yugoslav people's army (JNA)
- Army of Republika Srpska Krajina (VRSK)
- Army of Republika Srpska (VRS)

- Croatian army (HV)
- Croatian Defense Council (HVO)
- Croatian Defense Forces (HOS)

- Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Muslim paramilitary forces


For playing this mod you will need Battlefield Vietnam patched to version 1.21 (latest patch)

NEW: I made an icon for Battlefield Balkan, here is the link:

Installation of icon is next: Copy/Paste YugoIcon.ico file , into your main
EA GAMESBattlefield Vietnam folder for example , then go to desktop, find your short-cut, 1 right click on it, Properties/ Change Icon/ Browse...find path where you have placed your icon and OK! That's it!

How to make a short-cut:

Make a short-cut out of your original game .exe file or copy/paste already created
Battlefield Vietnam short-cut, then rename it to Battlefield Balkan, 1 right mouse click on it, then go to Properties and under target, just add this line:

+game BfBalkan +reset 1

It should look like this at the end, for example:

"X:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield VietnamBfVietnam.exe" +game BfBalkan +reset 1

+reset 1, line is to skip boring Intro !!!


Download this file | Go to files list