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ARSENAL MOD v0.14 for Battlefield Vietnam
by Odanan (

Arsenal mod has focus on hand weapons and adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to Battlefield Vietnam.

Before playing, click on the "copy.bat" to copy the music and videos from the BF Vietnam directory to the mod.

To play the mod, just click on the desktop shortcut or on the "play.bat", in your Battlefield VietnammodsBfV_Arsenal directory.

version 0.14 (released july, 2006)

- added the SKS with scope for the VC and the NVA.
- balanced the sniper weapons (recoil and precision).
- balanced the VC and NVA kits.
- changed again the score settings.
- added the Ammopack for all the Support classes (model, code and animations by Odanan/Dice).
- added the (real) Booby Trap for the VC (model, texture, code and animation by Odanan/Dice). Check out the cool animation!
- added the M1 Garand with scope for the ARVN Recon (model from WW2 mod).
- added the M79 Buckshot, a deadly shotgun-like ammo for the US/ARVN Grenadier.
- new improvements on the AI.
- added the M2 Carbine for the ARVN (free custom model and texture by 2Krauts/Groene/Grizzel converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- added the M26 grenade for the US riflemen (free custom model and texture of a M61 Grenade for Counter Strike, by TS Team/The Expert, converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- added the Carl Gustav M-45 submachinegun for the US Special Forces (free custom model and texture for Counter Strike, by Flakk/Pete, converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- added the M3A1 Greasegun submachinegun for the US Army (free custom model and texture for Counter Strike, by Nomad/Splinter, converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- changed the round of fire of every hand weapon, based on the real ones.
- minor adjustments on the TT33 model (to look like the real weapon).

version 0.13 (released june, 2006)

- now you can play Arsenal with some of the best mods for BF Vietnam: "Eve of Destruction", "BattleGroup Vietnam", "Recruit Snyderīs Vietnam" and "Tour of Duty"! Just choose what mod to work with in the Start MenuProgramsGamesBattlefield Vietnam ARSENAL or in your Battlefield VietnammodsBfV_Arsenal.
- changed the menu music - it will play "Paint in Black" by The Rolling Stones (all rights acknowleged).
- added new Claymore trap for the US/ARVN sniper.
- more changes on the kits to simulate the real ones.
- added new effect for the flaregun and now you can actually kill someone with it.
- added the old BAR 1918 for the ARVN support (model from WW2 mod).
- improvements on the AI. Bots are supposed to use now medikits, wrenchs and binoculars.
- fixed several wrong messages on the lexiconAll.dat.
- changed the score settings to value life and strategy ("I donīt wanna dye!").

version 0.12 (released may, 2006)

- changed the damage of some weapons.
- new icon made for the mod. :)
- new tweakings on the kits.
- added compability with the Road To Victory map pack.
- M16 with scope now is automatic.
- added a new lexiconAll.dat.
- added red, purple and white smoke grenades.
- added the Flaregun (still working on the effect).

version 0.11 (released april, 2006)

- added the Thompson smg for the US Marines (model from WW2 mod).
- added the M/91 rifle without scope for the VC.
- remake on most of the kits.

version 0.1 (released october, 2005)

- changed magasine ammo of M-14 and m-21 from 10 to 20.
- changed magasine ammo of mossberg from 6 to 7.
- added blood FX.
- changed most of the kits. Now divided as:
1- Assault and Support.
2- Engineer and Mortar.
3- Grenadier and Anti-Tank.
4- Sniper and Recon.
- added 3p view for infantry.
- decreased the hitpoints from 30 to 20 (starting) and 23 (maximum). This will make the damage more realistic.
- changed precision of most weapons.
- removed crosshair from sniper rifles.
- added support for several custom maps.
- the american/south vietnamese kits are stronger, so itīs recomended to run maps in the 2/3 ratio (for each 2 american/south vietnamese there are 3 vietcong).
- compatible with BF Vietnam version 1.1 or newer.

Thanks to:
Dudu10Brasil, LordLemos and the guys from for all the support.

What I want:
To be a software engineer and to design video games (EA Games, Blizzard, anyone, hire me!).

For more information on Battlefield Vietnam, visit

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