Cheats & Hints

Battlezone II: Combat Commander Cheats & Codes

While you are playing a game open the console by holding control and pressing ~, then enter any of these codes to use them:

Code: Description:
game.cheat bztnt Infinite Ammo
game.cheat bzfree Unlimited Pilots and Resources
ai.winmission Wins the mission
game.cheat bzbody Unlimited Shields
game.cheat bzview quick comsat linkup
game.cheat bzradar Show All Units
game.cheat bzeditor. Then press ctrl+E. Game Editor
game.cheat bzwinner Instant Mission Completion (1.2 or higher patch)
Continue ISDF When you remove Pashada Burns from the rubble of the dropship in Fanning the fire (presumably the last level of ISDF) you'll continue to the scion campaings. To continue with the ISDF create a new pilot called 'PLAY ISDF'.To go straight to the scion levels create a new player called 'Play Scion'