Blitzkrieg II Review (PC)

The battles of the second world war are so famous today they are almost legendary. The years between 1939 and 1945 saw the world swept up in an enormous conflict across the globe. The powers great and small used every resource they could muster in this titanic struggle of world domination. Players can now experience these fierce battles in the new real time strategy game Blitzkrieg 2.

Blitzkrieg 2 is the sequel to the highly acclaimed tactical game of WWII from CDV. In this game you will command the forces of Germany, the United States and the Soviet Union is the vast and diverse actions they fought during the World War Two years. In a series of situations you replay the great battles and campaigns of WWII while maneuvering tanks, infantry and artillery, while also calling in air and naval assets.

Armor advances!

The enemy has the range, watch out

The objective of each battle revolves around a battle force you start with achieving a set victory condition which includes the capture of headquarters, the destruction of units and even the sinking of transports in one scenario. You may be asked to slow up or halt a major offensive or to make a daring night attack against unsuspecting enemies. Your at start forces are augmented through the battle by a set number of reinforcing units that you can call in to help you secure victory in the battle.

This offering has a great amount of historical information included. Just about every weapon possess by the major powers is present in the game, everything from light tanks to heavy artillery to field guns. There are over 60 different types of infantry available in the game for the players to use at their discretion. Aircraft are handled a little differently, bombers are called to hit positions on the map while fighters are called when enemy aircraft are expected to be in the area.

There are three historical career campaigns available to be played. One each for Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States. In the campaign players play a number of scenarios and advancement is depended upon accomplishing the victory condition of each battle. If you fail you must replay the battle until you are victorious. Your formations receive leaders on a separate screen that can gain experience and promotions adding a human touch to the game. The players themselves also earn ranks and decorations that are historically accurate for each power.

Night operations

North African warfare

The level of detail in the units is such that no less 250 distinct units are available. These forces are historically accurate, with unique game statistics for each unit displayed on screen for easy use by the players. There are Tank units, Trucks, Anti-tank guns, field artillery, all with historically correct sprites that are well animated. As mentioned early there are sixty infantry types also, so virtually any battle can be simulated by this system.

The game designers have taken great pains to make the weapons behave as they would historically. The correct usage of a given weapon system will yield outstanding results while the misusing forces will result in needless casualties and defeat. The players will over time come to understand the various units and what their purpose is and thus will play a more effective game in the long run.

Great care has been taken to provide accurate battlefields for the units in the game. Jungles and steppes are presented with equal precision and are a strength of this design. Players will be thrust into jungles and mountains, and defend beaches and towns as the battles unfold in the campaigns. The zoom in is somewhat limited so its hard to see some of the details on the battlefield but this is only a minor complaint.

Air support is critical

Order your ships to fire

The game includes a full range of appropriate sound effects and the quality of the music is quite good. The units speak the native language of their owners which is a nice historical touch. The in game tutorial teaches the basic game concepts, and some events have nice sound keys such as reinforcements which have a radio sound when called. The game interface takes a little getting used too as units can be killed quite quickly if you are not careful.

Blitzkrieg 2 is a good real time simulator of WWII battles on company regimental level. Once players grasp this system they can immerse themselves in the diverse units and settings and re-fight the great battles of WWII on their PCs. Fans of the second world War will not be disappointed by this offering.

Top game moment:
Watching air and armor ineteract over a vivid battlefield, the game captures the feel of the second World war quite well.

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