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Blood Bowl Community Content Pack

This is the very best the Blood Bowl modding community has to offer collected into one easy to install modpack, adding a huge collection of additional skins, models, fixes and more to your Blood Bowl Chaos Edition game!

Version 1.6 of this hugely popular mega-mod for Blood Bowl Chaos Edition includes more player skins, cheerleader makeovers, new models, high detail faces, new pitch adverts, and many visual fixes to the base game.

More importantly, it is 100% compatible with all online Blood Bowl multiplayer matches! (Single player modes are 100% compatible too, of course.)

Full content details:

Cleaner grid overlays (rayon_delta)
Higher definition textures for Starplayer props (Soapmode)
New textures for Khorne Heralds, and Pit Fighters (with added chainmail undies) (Soapmode)
New textures for Underworld Skaven Throwers, Skaven Linemen, Goblins and Warpstone Trolls (Soapmode)
New textures for Chaos Dwarf Blockers, Hobgoblins (Soapmode) and textures for Bull Centaurs (Singing Urgosh)
Reinstated lost commentary (English) (Heldiver)
Gorgul's Minotaurs, and Dwarf Blocker and Blitzer Beards
Gauntlet's Skaven and Lizardmen
Singing Urgosh's Lizardmen and Ulfwerener
Rockpsl76's Halfling Recruits and Birch Treeman
TashSunrider's Skaven Cheerleaders
helldiver's Human Cheerleader, Dark Elf Cheerleader with skirt, Chaos Cheerleader, Witch Elf fixes and Dark Elf picto replacement
Orochi's blue Troll skin.
Zunova's Beardless Human Lineman shape (now with new texture maps added)
Esch's Billboard Adverts
DaImp's Billboard Adverts
marauder6272's Billboard Adverts
BloodBawler's Pitch Randomizer script
Komone and Peasant's Base Skins for Beastmen
Selections from Yabber_Bey's Extended Skinpack
HateMiser's Checkered Orc Props
Soapmode's extended skinpacks for Woodelf, ProElf, DarkElf, Necromantic, Undead, Nurgle, Goblin, Orc, Ogre, Norse, Khemri, and Human teams; Nurgle specmap improvements + team colour fixes; Zombie specmap improvements (glistening intestines!); higher quality faces for Amazons, High Elves, Witch Elves, Wardancers, Vampires and cheerleaders; new Skink reptile eyes; Zara the Slayer repaint, Morg'n Thorg texture fixes, Stormvermin glow map fix; Ghoul and Werewolf model fixes to accommodate new textures.

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