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Posted on 11/22/2009 18:47

Bollocks !!!!!

Maybe it's a good game when you play it on line , but first person campaign is total bollocks !!!
At first it is bearable to play it , but later on it does become annoying ....
You go and shoot some bastards, you kill about 40-50 of them and than you... Read More
1.6 awful
Posted on 11/02/2009 02:23

RPG and shooter had a child - no way. the console bad bird pushed out the PC egg....

Borderlands has everything a good shooter should have; guns, more guns, mods, shields, grenades, vehicles that have bigger guns. Baddies, everywhere, ammo loot, health packs and pick ups.
Did I say guns?
Borderlands is not about some elaborate story... Read More
7.6 great