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Another Alternatroute mod by TrollChi

This map plays well and is fun. Authentic without the Bazooka is a challenge. Easy with the Bazooka is a snap. I've played this map for hours on end with all types variations and had a blast.

I took the tank out because Sherman's are so damn slow.
I made Red the Base team leader with York and Wheaton as members.
Corrion is the Assault team leader with Desola and Doe as members.
I left the player the choice to pickup a Bazooka and extra Grenades.
Enemy Snipers are on this map leaving behind K98 Sniper rifles.
One of the enemy tanks is a Panzer.

To Install add all of the map files to your BiA/maps folder.

How to play:
1. start game and select Chapters
2. Select Custom map
3. scroll through map list until you find Another_Alternatroute_modbyTrollChi
4. play

Download this file | Go to files list