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Welcome and thanks for installing The Lost Battalion mod v0.1

The first version is a widely set up beta test.

We invite you to test out several combinations and leave us feedback on our forum:

How does it work?

after selecting "create match" in the ingame menu, you will find several mutators
in the list to select before you start the mp game.
click on the mutator you want to activate and click "add". you can enable several mutators at the same time.

There are three fun mutators we added as a surprise, an m1 only arena, a kar98 only arena, and a bazooka arena.
Like the name suggests every weapon in the game is replaced by the one you pick.

Mutators are uploaded to clients that are connecting to your server automatically if they don't have them installed yet.
This prevents from players not being able to play if they didn't preinstall the mod.

Check back regularly for new versions of the game.

Now have some fun!

copyright 2005 TLB MOD
The files in this installer are property of the TLB MOD TEAM

We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by these files, as they are installed on your computer.

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