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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Cheats & Codes

Enable Console
Browse to your C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Gearbox Software\Earned In Blood\ folder
You may need to enable "view hidden files/folders" under tools in Explorer.

Open EiB.ini in notepad

Search for

change to

search for

change to

save and exit

load game using that profile

now you will have a console if you press the tilde key ~

There are lots of cheats:

Code: Description:
god Godmode
loaded Lots of Ammo
allammo Lots of Ammo
supersquad Gives Your Squad Infinite Health
allweapons Start Level With All Weapons
fly Fly around
walk Return to normal walking
oldmovie Play game in black and white mode
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSBar Gives BAR
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSBazooka ves Bazooka
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSColt1911_ Gives Colt1911
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSM1_ Gives M1
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSM1Carbine Gives M1 Carbine
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSSpringfield Gives Springfield
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSThompson Gives Thompson
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSM3A1_ Gives M3A1
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEK98_ Gives KAR98
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEK98Sniper Gives K98 with scope
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEMP40_ Gives MP40
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEP38_ Gives P38
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEPanzerfaust Gives Panzerfaust
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDESTG44_ Gives STG44
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEFG42_ Gives FG42
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEFG42Sniper Gives FG42 with scope
ghost No clipping mode
invisible [0 or 1] Togle invisibility
killall Kill everyone
unloaded Remove all items
oldmovie Old Movie mode
blindai [0 or 1] Toggle blind AI
deafai [0 or 1] Toggle deaf AI
blindenemies [0 or1] Toggle blind enemies
deafenemies [0 or 1] Toggle deaf enemies
loadspmap [map name] Map select
summon [item name] Spawn indicated item

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Hints, Tips

Cheat mode
Enter "2ndsquad" as a profile name to unlock all levels and extras including "Infinite Ammunition", "Super Squad", and "Old Movie" modes.
Full team health
Die four times after a save point and you will be asked if you want to heal your squad.


Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Trainers, Cheats Downloads

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Trainer: All chapters, cheats, and bonuses unlocked 10 KB Download it!