Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, review by herodotus

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Steps up to the plate set by "Road To Hill 30".

hesitated getting this game a long time having played "Road To Hill 30", & "Call of Duty" 1&2. But what really grabbed me was the skirmish mode. That IS a first. Now I picked up the game at bargain price ($AUS7.99) and I am dumbfounded how folks who love WW2 shooters have avoided this product. Gone are the slow-mo deaths of German soldiers from "Hill 30" (thankyou Gearbox...they sucked), and what, you may ask is the difference? Skirmish Mode. The Story is excellent, as it was with the first installment, but with the included skirmish mode...who needs on-line (which doesn't exist anymore). It's fun, brutal and unforgiving....and let's you play as the Germans. Unlike many reviewers, I rate this higher than the previous installment. It's not cutting-edge, but it's damn good fun (and a challenge). Endulge yourself with skirmish mode and see if you don't come back for more. I dare you! As a side note, the weapon sounds have been released as Mods for "CoD2".
It will be interesting to see if the innovations to squad combat that Gearbox promises for "Hell's Highway" come through. With "Tiberium", "R6 Vegas 2" and "SW:Republic Commando 2" all either due or in the works, will this franchise be good enough to stand out from the pack. I personally doubt it, as most WWII shooters are preferably FPS, not squad-based and those of the latter variety never do as well in the marketplace as the former. Add to the fact that for many "WWII has been done to death", will one more outing in a German-occuppied country (Belgium...again)grab our wallets' attention? I don't think so. Although rated last year as highly anticipated, "BiA:HH" didn't then it had some stiff opposition coming. Now interest has waned, particularly after the release of "CoD4". The nift destructible fences etc it promises have already been done in "CoD4" and "TimeShift", and surpassed in "Crysis".
I think "BiA"Earned in Blood" is the highpoint of the series, anything following will be a swansong.
'nuff said!
Posted on 02/13/2008 15:09