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More Realism Version 3 03/19/2007

This is the latest development of my More Realism Mod for BIA1 & BIA2. These mods are for Single Play only. If they are installed you cannot join a Multiplayer game unless your original backup files are restored. Changes are:
All weapon damage values have been raised to one shot kill levels except .30 Carbine, P38 & the MP40. These require 2 hits to kill.
Most weapon Aim Error values have been reduced by half. Submachine guns remain the same and pistols have been increased.
Zoom has been removed on all open sight weapons.
Recoil has been increased on all weapons except the P38. Recovery time has been decreased on the M1 Garand.
Sway remains the same except pistol sway has been increased.
Grenade damage has been increased.
Ammo amounts carried have been adjusted, and the Thompson AmmoClipSize has been changed from 20 to 30 in BIA1 to match the Thompson graphics.
All enemy AI weapon damage values have been increased.
Most enemy AI weapon Aim Error values have been decreased.
The ragdoll effect has been reduced with gbxBase.u file adjustments. Bodies being blown backward “Hollywood” style when shot have been reduced.
This is a whole new ball game. Aim error codes have been reduced and damage values have been increased. Start off on EASY and get a feel for how your weapon handles now. You can go through the chapters relatively easy on EASY. NORMAL mode is a lot harder and DIFFICULT is well… difficult. You won’t get anywhere without your squad so watch out for them and keep them healthy. Take your time and aim. Use your brain and work out tactics as if your life depended on it. Your number one goal is to stay alive to complete the mission.
Use rifles for long range, they are very accurate now. Submachine guns are deadly at close range and the Colt .45 is devastating up close.
Recoil has been increased so short well aimed shots work best for the automatic weapons.
Check your Mouse Sensitivity in your Input Options menu. I run mine on 2 to help with aiming and sway control.
Practice shooting. With the accuracy fixed it is a learned skill now.
Since the enemy AI damage and accuracy values have been raised they can kill you quick now. Rambo tactics may work on the EASY level but won’t get you very far on the more difficult settings. Use your "C" key, stay low and use cover. Crouch when you are reloading and always present as little of target as possible.
Use your squad to guess what... suppress and flank. It works!
Good luck and Have Fun.
Typical path from My Computer on your Desktop is:
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArms\System\ for BIA1
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArmsEiB\System\ for BIA2
Copy the new gbxInventory.u file into the System folder for the weapon mods.
Copy the new gbxBase.u file into the System folder for the ragdoll effects mod.
Remember to backup or rename your original gbxInventory.u and gbxBase.u files so you can restore them later for Multiplayer games. Go on and do it


Just copy your original gbxInventory.u and gbxBase.u file back to your System folder and over write my file.


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