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==================Revolt 2x Readme======================
Another mod updated by (+)Ice. The successor to Revolt 1x.

===How to run this mod===

Add the Revolt_2x folder to your c:/program files/call of duty
or C:/program files/call of duty game of the year

Add dedicated.cfg to Revolt_2x folder

To get the reddot crosshairs to work you must edit the config_mp.cfg file and ad this:

seta cg_drawCrosshair "1"

New sounds from ITOE mm8 (Messiah Complex)
New sounds from MM_UO mod (Col Mustard)

Reskinned m16, m4,mp5 and m14.
Tweaked reddot sight and miniscope.

Changed all maps names to lowercase. Ex lan_smg insed of LAN_SMG.

Added red dot to all weapons, and switched most weapons Automatic.

Added new maps:
Labyrinth (Made by ping pong)
mp_el_mechili( Made by G.Strauss)
mp_oase (Made by FANGIO-DESIGN

Full screen scopes
Made by Walter E.Kurtz

Main menu music by Yellow card. Acquired from Pvt_Parts1001 menu music mod.

Compass made by Swat mod team (

Health packs and Health bags from ITOE mm8 (Messiah Complex)

Lanclan for making Revolt 1x.

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