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Fragfest v1 by Urded ( 8/24/07
This mod is for Call Of Duty mp v1.5

Weapon damage is slightly raised
Heavy weapon (bar, bren, mp44) alt fire is anti-tank rifle fire
Auto or semi - auto pistols
Nades are cooking or smoke
New sounds (weapon, menu music)
Modified scope skins
New other skins ( don't get caught looking )
Integrated a slightly modified version of b@STARd's |-|eadshot-|/|od v2.0
Config file for running a server

Just unzip then copy & paste the "fragfest1" folder to the Call of Duty folder NOT THE MAIN.

Modified scope skins by - Raccoon from
b@STARd for |-|eadshot-|/|od v2.0

Legal stuff:
Don't do anything to or with this mod without asking!

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