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Eastyorks1.pk3 is a 5 mission single player campaign for Call of Duty: United Offensive
based on the historical battles fought by the 2nd Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment
during the ill fated British Expeditionary Force Campaign of 1940.

There is a text document inside the pk3 if you want a bit more info on the history.


Place eastyorks1.pk3 in your Call_of_Duty/UO folder which will already contain the original CoD:UO pk3s
and anything else which you have downloaded.

Start CoD:UO. Use the tilde key to lower the console and type "eastyorks1" (without the quotation marks obviously)
and hit return and this will start the missions.

Legal Agreement

By using this file the individual agrees not to modify/change/steal or generally profit from the file. Redistribution
is permissable but not for any profit. No selling it, it's released to be FREE.


Thanks for your time and effort,


eastyorksrifles AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

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