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Author: Conciliator

Readme File:
Thank you for downloading this custom map for Cod2.

The action moves to the Ostfront:

Soviet infantry have been ordered to take the strategic bridge crossings at all costs. Axis armor has been driven off by airstrikes, but the weary remnant of a battered Wehrmacht unit is sent to retake the town. Now it is a race to see who will
establish dominance in Stadtrand. As the sniper's sonnet crackles in the air,
wizened veterans of the steppe can find relief in extensive tunnel systems.

This is a port of the Cod4 map mp_stadtrand_v2.

Version 2.1

Compared to the previous Cod2 version, the map has these changes:
1. Changed Allies to Russian
2. Added buildings, tunnels, models.
3. Refined detail and retextured map.
4. Added spawn bunkers and distributed spawns.

(Note: this is the 3rd version of the Cod2 map but retains the 2 nomenclature
to align with Cod4 release).

Installation Instructions

Put mp_stadtrand2.iwd in your Call of Duty 2Main folder.
If you get an iw sum mismatch error then remove any old custom
mods/maps to a map pack.

Contents of this Package

1. mp_stadtrand2.iwd
2. mp_stadtrand2.iwd/soundaliases/mp_stadtrand2.csv
3. mp_stadtrand2.iwd/images/loadscreen_mp_stadtrand2.iwi,
4. mp_stadtrand2.iwd/maps/mp/mp_stadtrand2.csv
5. mp_stadtrand2.iwd/maps/mp/mp_stadtrand2.d3dbsp
6. mp_stadtrand2.iwd/maps/mp/mp_stadtrand2.gsc
7. mp_stadtrand2.iwd/mp/mp_stadtrand2.arena
8. mp_stadtrand2.iwd/materials/loadscreen_mp_stadtrand2.file,
9. 2 custom textures in the images and materials folders


Translation of poster in canal:

Welcome to the Eurasian Canal
construction project of the people's proletariat
Safety First! Use safety equipment while on construction site

Translation of building signs:

Northern Depository
Riverside Mechanic
Southside Dispensary
Eastern Commissary
Reflection Hall
Agricultural Products
Guest House West
Engineering Bureau
Southern Logistics

Created by Conciliator and [hy]Rover, Dec 31, 2007, revision Mar 25, 2008
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