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-]K6[-Remagen v1.0

For Call of Duty 2


Author/main Developer: -]K6[-Grimm
E-mail: Chrisellison50athotmaildotcom

Assistant Author/Co Developer: -]K6[-Wraith
E-mail: Wraith.68athotmaildotcodotuk




This map is a remake of the MOHAA map Remagen.

The design is not and was never intended to be identical to the original, changes have been made to take advantage of the extra power Call of Duty 2 provides.


Map name: -]K6[-Remagen

Supported gametypes: DM TDM CTF HQ S&D

Insallation:Place the mp_coddm3.iwd file inside your cod2 main directory.

map shortname for your server config is: mp_coddm3


Version 1.0 info:

There has been absolutely no use of mohaa source files in the development of this map.

This map has been built from scratch and as such the scaling is correct.

No mohaa content has been used what so ever in the making of this map.

There are no bugs/Glitches as far as we know, but if you do find any please let us know
at either of the above e-mail addresses. WE WILL FIX THEM!


Permission is granted for any files in this map to be used in any way as long as proper credit
is given to its original Authors apart from the following,


The author's of this file in no way except any responsibility for damage to data(software),physical damage
to hardware or physical damage to any person as a result of the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file.
It is deemed that users who run this file are automatically considered to have read and understood this liability clause before using the aforementioned file.


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