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COD2 Community Mapping
Tally & ElDiablo


Sp-to-Mp conversions of 2 great maps.

Map mp_silotown1 Beta

Map mp_Decoy_02 Beta

Here are 2 new sp-to-mp map conversrions, which we have decided to release now rather than wait.

**NOTE** They are not bug free, but we hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

Feel free to add-in other gametypes - that's the point of them!


#map mp_silotown1 - supports CTF and DM

#map mp_decoy_02 - supports DM and TDM

#Both support a maximum of 16 players only

Please run these on pure servers. However, if you experience problems, set your server's to unpure.


1 x zzz_mp_silotown1.iwd

1 x zzz_mp_decoy_02.iwd

Place in the 'main' folder. these will show on the server map previewer.


Bullet_Worm - for kicking Silotown off (and all the hair pulling involved)

Sefer016 - for doing most of the donkey work on Decoy_02

Daffy - for stearring us noobs in the right direction

COD2 Mapping and Modding Community - for all the interest and enthusiasum, support and fun they provide


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