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Armorgeddon Angel's authentic Thompson skin v1.0

this is my second skin!

this unique weapon features a black worn metal look and
i have replaced all of the wood on it with the the same wood as on the real tommy gun. i used real pics of my own gun so if u say it looks fake well ur full of it. this will work well with Dx7 but the metal looks realistic on
Dx9 including the wood grain and res on Dx9 also. this is a high-res
weapon and the better the graphic card the better the lighting effects and
reflections it will have.

to install place authentic thompson file in you cod2 main folder.

i hope you will enjoy this one, took me forever to make.

under no curcumstances may you copy, modify, or alter this file in any way shape or form without my consent, doing so will result in legal action.

email: farcle55555 at yahoo dot com(add @ and .) (excluded because of spam)

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