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The audio in this pack, created by me, can NOT be used in commercial or freeware products, if you would like to purchase my audio pack for use in your game, please contact me via my website:

You have permission to use this pack as a COD2 server expansion ONLY. Any use outside of this product, is bound and protected by copyright laws, any use outside of COD2 will result in legal action.

Other sounds in this pack, created by third parties, ie: Infinity Ward or Double U, are protected by their own license. Sounds created by third parties, are NOT included in my retail audio pack, as they are protected by copyright laws.


Title : Col. Phil Bilko's COD 2 Audio Pack (FINAL)
Description : New Original Game Sounds / Server Admin Pack
Filename : user_colphilbilkos_cod2_audiopack.iwd
Author : Col. Phil Bilko / Gear Worx Productions
Web Site:
Email :


* Construction *

Buildtime : 11 hours

* Play Information *

Game : Call Of Duty 2
Type : Replaces 98% of the default weapon sounds + misc audio (see below)

* Installation *

Step#1: Delete / remove any and all sound mods before you continue
(if you do not remove them, this file will not work properly)

Step#2: Place the user_colphilbilkos_cod2_audiopack.iwd into your Call Of Duty 2 main or mod folder
(example: C:\Program Files\Call Of Duty2\main)

Please note that if you have any other sound pack installed this will may not work correctly. So before you install please remove all other sound pack mods.


This is a new pack for 2007, which is used on our custom maps server. This contains some of my sounds from my unreleased UO pack, However I have revamped the sound quality, and re-made some of them to increase the overall quality of this pack. ALL AUDIO is done by me unless stated below.

All audio was recorded by me, at our local Shooting Club, a big thanks goes out to them.

You can hear this pak in action on our COD 2 server: CDN Mercs Adult Custom Maps Server - hope to see you there!

Let me break down the changes and additions for ya.

Weapon Sounds Changed / Added:

Bar - Col. Phil Bilko

Luger - Col. Phil Bilko

Sten - Col. Phil Bilko

MG42 - Col. Phil Bilko

MG42 Cooldown - Col. Phil Bilko

Nagant - Col. Phil Bilko

Nagant Sniper - Col. Phil Bilko

Panzerfaust - Col. Phil Bilko

Lee Enfield - Col. Phil Bilko

Lee Enfield Sniper - Col. Phil Bilko

Colt - Col. Phil Bilko

PPSH - Col. Phil Bilko

PPS42 - Col. Phil Bilko

Thompson - Col. Phil Bilko

FG42 - Col. Phil Bilko

Kar98k - Col. Phil Bilko

Kar98k Sniper - Col. Phil Bilko

Bren - Col. Phil Bilko

MP44 - Col. Phil Bilko

M1 Carbine - Col. Phil Bilko

Gewehr 43 - Col. Phil Bilko

Springfield - Col. Phil Bilko

Webley MKIV - Col. Phil Bilko

Tokarev SVT40 - Col. Phil Bilko

Grease Gun - Col. Phil Bilko

Shotgun - This is the stock shotgun sound, however I beefed it up a little.

MP40 - Col. Phil Bilko & Double U (HBO BOB Sound Pack) I removed that fuzzy shell casing sound at the end, and then enhanced and cleaned up the audio. Thanks again for letting me use this sound

M1 Garand - Double U (HBO BOB Sound Pack) This is the best sounding M1 Garand around. Why mess with perfection :) Also thanks again for allowing use.

Other Sounds Changed / Added:

Melee Impact 1 - Col. Phil Bilko
Melee Impact 2 - Col. Phil Bilko
Melee Impact 3 - Col. Phil Bilko

Radio Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko
Grenade 1 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko
Grenade 2 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko
Grenade 3 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko
Grenade 4 Explosion - Col. Phil Bilko

German Grenade Throw 1 - Col. Phil Bilko
German Grenade Throw 2 - Col. Phil Bilko
German Grenade Throw 3 - Col. Phil Bilko

American Grenade Throw - Col. Phil Bilko

Fall Pain 1 - Col. Phil Bilko
Fall Pain 2 - Col. Phil Bilko

Fall Pain sounds contain some stock audio (COD UO), however I have added and altered the audio to improve and change the over all sound.

*Special Thanks*

Infinity Ward - for making the BEST WW2 series to date!
Double U - for giving me permission to use 2 of his sounds.

All of my clan m8's that got me addicted to this game. May you burn in hell.

* Permissions*

All of the original sounds remain property of Gear Worx Productions.
You MAY distribute this ZIP,PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet,CD, etc) You must also include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive.

* Warning - Must Read and Understand Before Use*

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood this liability clause before using the said file.

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