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WCP v2 for the CoD2 demo.

Un/Install notes:
Extract the file Z_WCP2.iwd to(default):C/program files/activision/call of duty 2/main,so it sits next to the other .iwd files.

To remove:Remove the file Z_wcp2.iwd from yor main folder.

Tweaked:AI,Weapons,Ammo and Grenades.
-The AI aims faster and straighter.
-Ammo loadouts have been set to a more realistic and smaller ammount.
-Grenades are cookable now(hold grenade button down),timers for allied grenades are set to 5 seconds,german grenades to 6 seconds.
-The kar98 and enfield no longer are reloadable before a clip of 5 rounds has been discharged.
because the reload anims,like in cod1 do not support partial reloads(say reload 2 or 3 rounds separate),this also adds difficulty.
-The bren now has a realistic clipsize of 28 instead of 30 because a full clip would give jamming problems.

New sounds:Grenade explosions,bren,enfield,kar,luger,mg42,mp40 and thompson.



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