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Author: 82nd_Airborne001

Readme File:
Weapons Modded-
Additions(Not my work)
_-blood mod
-green tracers
-Gas mines
New player skins-
-german (normandy only)
New things-
-new skins-
-new sounds
-new weapons-
-new player skins-
-all levels in mod set for american-
Soon to come-
-New maps-

///////If you have any ideas, or want to help. please contact me.

Future Warfare (Alpha) (Call of Duty 2)
Author : 82nd_airborne001


Improvements over my previous version:

-NEW SKins
-NEW Sounds! (from call of duty 4, and 2)
-NEW Models
-bloodmod-------------I have no credit for blood,tracers,or gas.
-gas mines--------------

Unzip and place the .iwd file on your CoD2 main folder --e.g., "C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 2main"

Copyright / Permissions
This sound is NOT to be modified or to be used as a base to create a
different version without my explicit permission.

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