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Readme for PlusIce's Bolt Rifles Only

Developer: PlusIce
Title: PlusIce's Bolt Rifles Only
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Call Of Duty 2 Multi-Player

Overview of changes
This version comes with more eye candy then the beta. New player skins, new weapon skins, new compass skin and new Sounds.

Will there be a next version?
Perhaps, I didn't find a Russian player skin I wanted to add.
Make more Russian player skins comrades, for mother Russia :)
I guess maybe a blood mod would go good with this.


Lee-Enfield (Notsafeforwork)
Kar98k (Antare)
Nagant (Goldenboy)

Compass (tally)

Normandy SS Allgemeine German Player skins (Rapsodia)
German Winter Skins (Pascal)
Afrika Korps(Rapsodia)
Royal Britannia (WartyX)
3rd Infantry Division Skins (Giancarlo)

I converted the sounds from my other rifles only mods to this one.

Sounds from "A Whole Lotta Weapons Mod" (Elvis Trigger)
m24 sound (lan clan)
The Lee Enfield fire sound (FKR clan)

Running this mod
Add this mod to the "Main" folder
Or the folder "pi_boltsv1" to the Call Of Duty 2 directory.


You must get permission from WartyX if you want to use "Royal Britannia skins"
in another mod or modify his work. He copyrighted that file.
All other files are not copyrighted. You may run this file on your game server(s).
Please do not edit, modify, and adapt any weapon skin or player skin without consent from that respective author.
This mod may not be used for commercial purposes. Example: charging people to download this file.
You may add this file to your websites/mirrors.

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