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Author: paulb39

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This mod changes a few things in CTF. It allows you to score by grabbing the enemy flag and returning it to your own. It also allows you to change the spawn delay time via cvar, among other things.

Place zzzctf.iwd in Main folder (I don't know if this works with mods)
Default C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 2Main


// score on drop (DEFAULT 1)
//set scr_ctf_capflaganywhere 1

//Respawn delay (DEFAULT 1)
set scr_ctf_respawndelay 3

//score limit (DEFAULT 5)
set scr_ctf_scorelimit 6

//timelimit (DEFAULT 30)
set scr_ctf_timelimit 25

//time before dropped flag returns to base (DEFAULT 2 min)
//set scr_ctf_autoreturntime 120

Known Bugs
Email any to

Xfire: paulb39

99% of credit goes to Mike_d for this mod. Could not have done this without you, thanks!

Tally - for helping me on this a year ago

Zeroy - your tutorials rock :D

RGN - good modding/mapping community - good modding/mapping community

Fixed from V1
*Fixed game not returning flag when it was suposed to
*Fixed game thinking you were returning flag when you were running over your base
*Added cvar for time flag remains dropped

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