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Author: MCh2207Cz

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Portable MG-42

Name: Portable MG-42
Version: 1.0 (MCh2207Cz)

Game: Call Of Duty 2
Type: Unofficial SP and MP Modification

This little modification brings you the German dual purpose machine gun MG-42 as a pickable portable weapon. It is SP and MP friendly and it replaces the MP-44. Enjoy!
1) The MG-42 model is stock CoD2 model slightly modified to correct some skin mistakes. It goes with new skin (also apllied for static MG-42's) and new icons (HUD pickup icon, MP menu icon, fire mode icon) and realistic scope (MG-Z-34 3x)
2) I apologize for low-quality screenshots but I have slow connection and the bunch of files is over 2MB even with these pics...
3) Note that this modification is COMPATIBLE WITH my "MODIFIED P-38". Other modifications have not been tested.

new content:
images (6)................MCh2207Cz (brand new files - MG-42 color, normal, spectacular maps)
icons (3)..................MCh2207Cz (brand new files - HUD MG-42, HUD rifle round, MP MG-42 icon, MG-42 scope)
materials (7)..............MCh2207Cz (modified stock materials - DX9 friendly 3D materials, 2D icon materials)
sounds (9).................MCh2207Cz (modified sounds of different origins completed togather - HD2, MOHAA, CoD2 - fire, reload, foley, shelleject)
weapon files (2)...........MCh2207Cz (modified stock weaponfiles - MP44 MP + SP)
accuracy files (2).........MCh2207Cz (brand new files - AIvsAI, AIvsPlayer hit probability)
soundaliases file (3)......MCh2207Cz (brand new file - sound definitions)
localized-string file (1)..MCh2207Cz (brand new file - weapon name text, modified stock mpui and mp)
fx files (2)...............MCh2207Cz (modified stock effects - muzzleflash-mg)
rumble files (3)...........MCh2207Cz (modified stock rumble - fire-mg)
xmodel files (2)...........MCh2207Cz (modified stock xmodel - weapon_mg42_carry, changed materials, copied as new files)

stock content:
xanim (13).................(stock Thompson-origin animations)

I do not mind if you use my part of stuff my only request is to be mentioned in the credits.

A) Drag and drop installation
Put *.iwd file(s) into your "Call Of Duty 2Main" folder.

B) Mod folder installation

1)SP installation
-Create a new folder in "Call of Duty 2" folder and name it for example "waltherp38".

-Extract the *.iwd mod file(s) into the new folder "waltherp38".

-Enter the "Call Of Duty 2Main" folder and copy the "Players" folder.

-Paste the "Players" folder into the new folder "waltherp38".

-Create a new start-up shortcut to your Call o Duty 2 single player on your desktop or whereever from you start the game.

-Rightclick the shortcut and go to "Properties".

-In the "Target" section you will see: "...Call of Duty 2CoD2SP_s.exe".

-Behind "CoD2SP_s.exe" you must paste this (including the spaces):

+set fs_game waltherp38

-Run the game through this new shortcut.

-WARNING TO SP USAGE: If you would continue an autosaved game from before you have not installed this modification it will not work. You have to start a new game or mission.

2)MP installation
-It is the same but the shortcut will be for multi player game.
-So instead of "CoD2SP_s.exe" there will be "CoD2MP_s.exe" in the target.

You will have 2 shortcuts set up for modification: one for MP one for SP.

A) Drag and drop uninstallation
Delete *.iwd file(s) from your "Call Of Duty 2Main" folder.

B) Mod folder uninstallation
Remove the folder and shortcuts.

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