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lt.speirs realism mod v2

to install just copy and paste to main cod2 folder


Reworked battlechatter system (AI talks more but itís not the same constant annoying babble as before
Now when they talk it makes sense)
Realistic weapon names
Sgt randall and Lt.Vloysky are given their voices back (Iíve noticed that all of the chatter from sgt randall and lt. Vlovsky
Was cut out from the finished game except for scripted sequences and had to borrow from other voices, now they have their voice again)
As Russian infantry you have no supplies (as in a you start of with whatever ammo is in the gun, weapons and equipment are
To be procured on site just like it was in Russia)
Realistic resupply system (when you move on to another level and you have a german weapon, you start the next level with
the ammo you had in the last level)
Reworked AI weapons distribution system (as in less SMGs more rifles and period equipment German soldiers loved to use soviet equipment now they also have the SVT40)
Realistic representation of panzer 2 tank (that damn thing had a 20mm machinegun and less than a inch of amour and infantry ward expected me to believe that this could take on a crusader tank, or better yet still be in use during d-day, now when ever you see this tank in Africa you can totally trash it, but against infantry its still deadly)
Many more but thatís all I can name at the top of my head
Bren clip realisticly reduced (it was often topped of to about 28 rounds dued to stoppages)
tweaked mg42 accuacry (realisticaly the mg42 wasn't very accurate

fixed audio for m1garand and thompson
Realistic rates of fire for all weapons
Realistic damage
Realistic weapons loadout (not everyone has a smg, its more realistically equipped)
More Battlechatter (AI talks alot more, adds to the chaos of battle)
More variety in soldiers (more faces for Americans)
Realistic AI (aims straighter and skills coincides with historical accuracy)
Blood mod
Cookable grenades
Realistic reloads for example if the weapon is open bolt, when you reload with a round still
chambered inside it is then added to the reload count
Can't partialy reload Boltaction rifles
and many more than I wish to mention

Iím currently trying to figure out how to allow the allied soldiers to become wounded just like the axis soldiers do (as in when they get mortally wounded they crawl away or whip out a pistol, currently only axis can do this) if anyone knows how to do this or has any idea on how please contact me, If you would like to collaborate on a project, ask any questions, send suggestions or bug reports then by all means contact me

aim: mrspeirs

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