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Author: John_Mclane

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The Skin - Grossdeutschland Panzer officer. I made this skin because i noticed that there are no panzer officers in the game in fact there is not any panzer crew at all unlike in call of duty 1. The skin comes complet with cuff title, silver panzer medal, and the eastern front medal, One of the most important units in the German order of battle, Grossdeutschland fought from 1941 as an elite unit exclusively on the Eastern Front. Its key battles included the great encircling operations in the early days of 'Operation Barbarossa', the final thrust to Moscow, Kharkov and Kursk.

Install/Uninstall - To install just drop the IWI file in you COD2 main folder to uninstall just delete!

For skinning requests or any ideas just leave a comment and i will do my best.

I think my next skin will be the full Grossdeutschland if i can make the full Grossdeutschland division that is.

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