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Angriff v0.2
by 2ltben
This mod changes all of the British troops into German, including weaponry, voices, and all. You will play as a German and the enemies will be the British. 0.2 fixes the German naming system and removes the names from the British enemies. It also updates the accuracy tables and AI priorities for added realism.
Installation Instructions:

*Extract zzz_angriff_v0_2.iwd to your Activision/Call of Duty 2 Demo/main folder
*Run the CoD2 demo. Be warned, this isn't a quick arcade romp through a maze, Veteran will be ridiculously hard at times.

Your allies speak a combination of German and English(mind you, you may actually be hearing the Tommies yelling to their squaddies as well). This and other cosmetic features will be fixed in later releases.

If you run into any major bugs, email a description to me at 2ltben(at) Feel free to use any of my code modifications, but credit me in your readme before distributing.

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