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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Installation
4. CVARs
5. Contact
6. Credits

1. Introduction

This is the second installment of BJustReal (BJR for short) for the Call of Duty series. The first version was for Call of Duty: United Offensive and managed to make the game as realistic as possible.

BJustReal continues with Call of Duty 2, with a new version: BJustReal 2.0! This version will mainly be a port from the old one, but it will also contain new features, since Call of Duty 2 has tons of new features itself. Also, the weapons and the code itself have been worked out from scratch again to provide maximum realistic enhancement.

BJustReal is the perfect mod for any individual and/or clan who likes realism and tactical gameplay. No longer will you be able to run and gun and hit 99% of your bullets, team co-ordination and well aimed shots are the ways to victory. If you think that Call of Duty 2 is too much running and gunning, then this is the mod for you.

This mod is also server-side, which means that clients do not need to download it. Although Call of Duty 2 requires every client to download the mod, it is NOT necessary. I hope and expect a patch from IW which will fix this issue and support server-side mods.

I hope that everyone likes the mod as much as I liked creating it. Any feedback is welcome, look in the "contact" section of this readme to see where you can relieve yourself of your feedback. If you want to see how the mod works, I suggest you stop by in our server: -={AA}=-BJustRealism Public -


2. Features

- Upped damage and melee damage of all weapons.
- Reduced movementspeed for most weapons -> More realistic now.
- Snipers can not rechamber while ADS anymore.
- Made smoke and normal grenades cookable with a 5 second fuse.
- Bolt action rifles cannot be reloaded when partially empty.
- Longer shellshock times.
- Modified raise and drop times of all weapons.
- Modified the accuracy of all weapons. No more spraying, unless you don't want to hit your enemy.
- Corrected the ROF of the Sten.
- Modified ADS accuracy of some weapons, the SMG's and pistols cannot be used as snipers anymore.
- Grenades are slightly more effective now, you can't stand next to their impact anymore.
- Lowered throw distances of grenades.
- Lowered ROF of the semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

- Added message center, can hold up to 10 messages.
- Death icons can be removed .
- Crosshairs can be forced off.
- Grenade indicators can be turned off.
- Objective Icons can be turned off.
- Damage feedback can be removed.
- Clients options return to default when leaving a server which forced crosshairs off.
- Implemented realistic falling damage.
- Implemented weapon limits.
- Obituaries can now be turned off.
- Added realistic health regeneration.
- Second slot can now be set to pistol only.
- Added realistic pain and death sounds.
- Added weapon drops when hit in hands or arms.
- Implemented damage dropoff for all weapons.
- Implemented health bar.
- Health regeneration can be turned completely off.
- Able to turn off the "Press Space to..." icons.
- Added 2 welcome messages.
- Crosshair colours can be forced off.
- Weapon drops on death can be turned off.
- Grenade drops on death can be turned off.
- Added option to give a player 5 points for planting/defusing a bomb in SD.
- Added option to give alive players in the winning team 3 points in SD.
- Added option to give players only one frag grenade (amount of smoke grenades remains the same).
- When obituaries are off, the obituaries of teamkills can be turned on.
- When obituaries are off, players can still see by who they are killed. (CVAR - ON/OFF)
- Mod logo (text) on the bottom left of the screen.

3. Installation

Before moving on to the installation instructions, I have to state here that the mod is NOT compatible with other realism mods. Also, the mod IS compatible with lots of other mods, like skins, models etc., but this mod is NOT compatible with mods that have the following files in the iwd file:

Any files in the /weapons/mp folder
Any files in the /info folder
Any files in the /maps/mp/gametypes folder

On to the installation instructions:

- Extract all files to your "Call of Duty 2main" folder, you actually only need the iwd file.
- Copy all of the CVARs listed below in your config file.

4. CVARs

You can copy/paste these in your config file. All of the extra CVARs are listed here with their default values and a small explanation.

// Server messages, displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Maximum of 10.
set bjr_message1 "Welcome to another ^4BJust^3Real ^7realism server."
set bjr_message2 "This server is running ^4BJust^3Real ^12.0^7."
set bjr_message3 ""
set bjr_message4 ""
set bjr_message5 ""
set bjr_message6 ""
set bjr_message7 ""
set bjr_message8 ""
set bjr_message9 ""
set bjr_message10 ""

set bjr_delay "30" // Delay between messages, must be greater than 5

// Welcome messages.
set bjr_welcomemessage1 "Welcome to a ^4BJust^3Real Realism server"
set bjr_welcomemessage2 "Visit us at www.yoursi.te"

// Realism Settings
set bjr_allowclienthud 1 // HUD
set bjr_allowcrosshair 1 // Crosshairs (ON/OFF)
set bjr_allowcrosshaircolour 1 // Crosshair colours
set bjr_allowcrosshairnames 1 // Names displayed at crosshairs
set bjr_damagefeedback 0 // Shows the little thing around your crosshair when you hit someone (ON/OFF)
set bjr_deathicons 0 // Death icons (ON/OFF)
set bjr_droponhandhit 1 // Players drop weapons when hit on hand
set bjr_droponarmhit 0 // Players drop weapons when hit in the arms
set bjr_falldamage 1 // Realistic falling damage
set bjr_grenadedrops 1 // Grenade drops on death
set bjr_grenadeicons 0 // Grenade indicators
set bjr_healthbar 0 // Health bar (ON/OFF)
set bjr_healthregen 1 // Health regeneration
set bjr_mantleicons 1 // The "Press Space to..." icons
set bjr_modlogo 1 // Mod Logo
set bjr_obituaries 0 // Obituaries (ON/OFF)
set bjr_objectiveicons 0 // Objective Icons (ON/OFF)
set bjr_pistolsecondary 1 // Only allow a pistol as a second weapon
set bjr_realammoloadouts 1 // Gives everyone only 2 extra clips
set bjr_realhealth 1 // Realistic health regen (ON/OFF)
set bjr_realloadouts 1 // Gives everyone only one grenade
set bjr_resetclient 1 // Resets clients upon disconnecting (ON/OFF)
set bjr_TKmessages 1 // Obituaries when a teamkill took place
set bjr_showkiller 1 // Players can see by who they are killed if obituaries are off
set bjr_weapondrops 1 // Weapon drops on death

set bjr_painsounds 1 // Realistic pain sounds (ON/OFF)
set bjr_deathsounds 1 // Realistic death sounds (ON/OFF)

set bjr_sd_objpoints 1 // Give 5 points to a player for planting/defusing bomb
set bjr_sd_alivepoints 1 // Give 3 points to players in the winning team that are still alive

// Weapon Limits
set bjr_alliedSniperLimit "2" // Limits allies snipers
set bjr_alliedSMGLimit "3" // Limits allies sub machineguns
set bjr_alliedMGLimit "2" // Limits allies machineguns
set bjr_alliedShotGunLimit "2" // Limits allies shotguns

set bjr_axisSniperLimit "2" // Limits axis snipers
set bjr_axisSMGLimit "3" // Limits axis sub machineguns
set bjr_axisMGLimit "2" // Limits axis machineguns
set bjr_axisShotGunLimit "2" // Limits axis shotguns

5. Contact

If there are any questions, issues, bugs to report or whatsoever, you can post on our forums or PM me:

You can also mail me at:

7. Credits

BJustReal Realism

Made by:


Thanks to:

C3ll Godfried
- For the correct ROF of the Sten.

Wanna Ganoush
- For the realistic health regen system.

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