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--------------/////^*MoFPack V1.0 Beta1*^/////--------------

- Healthbar Toggle

- Crosshair forced off/players choice/forced on

- World message to every player, just above the crosshair ;)

- DeathIcons Toggle

- Grenade Indicators Toggle

- Forced Autodownload (Only affects when the player cnnects and then changes the map)

You can control EVERYTHING with just CVars:

/mof_healthbar 1 ----- Will turn the healthbar on. Turning to 0 will turn it off

/mof_crosshair 0 ----- Will turn all the crosshairs OFF. changing to 1 is players choice and set to 2 is all crosshairs to be forced ON

/mof_deathicons 0 ------ Will turn deathicons off. Turning it to 1 will turn them on.

/mof_grenadeindicator 0 ------ Will turn grenade indicators off on. Turning it to 1 will turn them on.

/mof_downloadforce 1 ------ Will force the player to set Allow Downloading on. When turning it to 0 it doens't force.

/mof_worldmessage ----- Sends a message to all players :)

/mof_servername ------ You can do what u want, but it doesn't work YET :)

It also has support for HTF 1.0, but only install it when you have installed HTF 1.0!

NOTE: This is only a BETA and is still udner construction!!!!!

NOTE2: Everything is set off. What i mean with that? I mean with that that everything is set to default so you need to do all by yourself. It hasn't changed anything so it kills the confusing :)

Greetings Moffia

Want to help us out?

mr.moffia [at] gmail [dot] com

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