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--WCP V2.1-V2.2.--Patch version of this Mod including the (Lite version) Blood mod by b@STARd.
*Patch info at bottom of this read me file.

-Patch installation:

Extract the file Z_WCP2.2.iwd to your Call of Duty 2/main folder.

-Uninstalling the mod/patch:

Delete Z_WCP2.1.iwd,Z_WCPsounds.iwd and Z_WCP2.1.iwd from your Call of duty 2/main folder.

Just start a new(already finished)mission/game...

-V2.1 Changes:

-AI:Allies and Germans have been tweaked.More accurate,faster aiming friends and foes.Your friends will fight and die as easy as your foes.

-Friendly fire has been disabled for when you shoot a friendly,so the game will continue when you accidentaly shoot or frag a friend.If you shoot an Officer or any other person who the game needs to give you info,the game will end as normal.

-Taking out an enemy Officer in wartime usually is a great price and a useful advantage to you.Not that it gives you an advantage in this game but it might give you a good feeling you took out an enemy Officer.That said,you can now spot the winter Wehrmacht Officers,because they have their officers caps on.

-Greasegun was not?inserted into single player,the tommy guys in your US outfit will use a Tommy or Greaser at random choice.You can pick it up and use it!(No I have not inserted the Shotgun into SP because it doesnt really function properly in SP(yet?)).

-Grenades have their own surface explosion sounds,26 explosion sounds instead of the 4 default ones.

-Loadout in levels(weapon you start with)slightly tweaked.

-Names of Allies have been removed,adds to chaos and improves view of the battlefield.

-Weapons:Weapons have been tweaked,in case of strength and ammo ammounts.
Again,bolt action rifles which have a full clip reload animation only!,are not partial reloadable.The Enfield has 10 rounds in two clips,so after 5 shots you can insert one more clip.
Frag grenades are cookable,russian nade timer,3.5 seconds(real),UK and US nades 5 seconds(real),german nade 5.5 seconds(unreal,should be 6,thats tooo slow).

-It is a historic fact that the Wehrmacht forces loved and commonly used the PPSH smg in Russia.The Wehrmacht MP40 soldiers will use an MP40 or a PPSH at random choice.

-Just remember when you start to play this mod for the first time you can start a new game or select a(already finished)mission from the mission selection menu.

About the non-essential soundpack:
It simply is a compilation of my favorite weapon sounds,some from other mods/games,some I have edited,some are original.So I do Not credit myself for these!I Do credit myself for a few sounds,which I have taken and edited myself from the Band of Brothers series:MG42,.30Cal,M1Carbine and Tommy.

Good luck and have fun!

*V2.2 Patch info:
-Blood Mod created by b@STARd added(Lighter version).-THX!!!
-smoke nade error in first level fixed.-THX Veteran Gamer,Oldschool.
-thompson latewar(30rnds)damage corrected.-THX Oddball_E8.
-Player movement sounds,etc fixed.-THX snowcrashed54.
-Rocket explosion sounds have been set to have different explosion sounds instead of the 3 default ones.
Note:The explosion sounds are the same as the nade sounds,the default were also the same.

+some additional stuff....

You guys please keep reporting errors if you find any,even after finding more after the patch has been released!
I do not take responsibility for crashes occuring during the usage of the console and its wide range of commands.This is at your own risk,as in runnning the original game.

See you version 2.3!

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