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Reload Realism Mod v0.2
by: Vector Akashi
Realism mod for multiplayer.
copy zzz_reloadrealism.iwd to your Call of Duty2main folder

delete zzz_reloadrealism.iwd from your Call of Duty2main folder

-You can only reload by double hiting your Use key (F for default) (except by Snipers, Shotgun, Enfield, Kar98k, Mosin Nagant and M1Garand), and so by reloading you will drop the bullets you left in your ammo clip
-You cant drop your current clip if you have no ammo left
-By reloading, the number of remaining ammo clips or bullets will be reported
-No ammo counter
-No weapon infos
-No stance displayer
-No crosshairs
-No death icons
-No friend icons
-No grenade indicators
-No health regeneration
-No killcam
-No death icons befor the names on scoreboard
-No team, or player score on hud
-No objective indicators on the hud (big 'A' or 'B' or flag...)
-No text writed by Quickmessages (only sound)
-No obituary message, or anything if someone was killed
-Realistic blood
-Only objectives showed on compass
-Shellshock lenght's increased
-Reduced melee attack
-Damage levels of weapons increased (shotgun damage radius and damage reduced)
-30 clip Thompson
-Cookable grenades (grenades throw lenght reduced)
-66% chance for dead players to drop ammo or grenades or both
-The ammo dropped by dead soldiers is only the ammo from their weapon clips
-Supported Gametypes: DM,TDM,SD,CTF,HQ

Copyright 2006 by Vector Akashi - I Know My Rights...
Info, help, bug report, any idea and support to: or check the NEW site.

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