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Supports : Windows XP (Fully tested on XP only) Call of Duty upto Version 1.5 United Offensive upto Version 1.51 Call of Duty 2 upto Version 1.3

Cod Cleaner will automatically know if you have CoD, UO or CoD2 installed and will display this in the Game Found frame.

3 checkboxes are supplied, click the check box for the game you want to remove the alien files from. A list of Alien files will be listed. Just hit the clean button and it will move them to a backup folder. Once complete the status bar will tell you where the files were placed.


If when you select the check boxes for game type the list remians empty then you do not have any alien files in your Main or UO folders.

Why would you use this? There are a couple of reasons why I built this.

1) There are plenty of utilities out there that claim to clean your folder but corrupted your Call of Duty installs.The main reason this was a problem is that it deleted the files from your Call of Duty folders.

Cod Cleaner is different, it does not delete the alien files but moves the files to your Call of Duty\Main\ or Call of Duty\UO\ folders. This means you are able to restore the files manually at any time.

2) Users were getting "Unpure client. Invalid PK3 / IWD" messages when connecting to servers and did not know how to clean their folders to allow them to connect to the game servers.

3) Users were getting funny messages, like Uninitialised variables or dead entity messages. Again this could be due to other mods and maps that are not stock.

4) Users didnt know how to restore their MAIN and UO folders to stock.

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