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This program changes the Call of Duty 2 background to whatever picture you want. Just 3 simple steps.

Locate your Call Of Duty 2 folder. (Usually in c:\program files\activision\call of duty 2)

Open a bmp or jpg picture.

click on "Make Background"

Thats all, now you can enjoy your custom background :D

Programming: Julio C. Gotuzzo (Camarones.Bubba.Gump)

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Special Thanks

This soft uses dxt_squish.dll that was made using some squish source code made by "Simon Brown", for more info visit:

This soft also uses zlib.dll that was made by "Jean-loup Gailly" and "Mark Adler", for more info visit:

Special Thanks To Geno Carman for sharing info about iwi file structure. Visit his awesome page at:

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