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So, this collection contain's five "mods" (different skin collections):

The fall of the SS:
- focused on the Normandy fights
- based on the amazing Back 2 Fronts team's addon (weapon skins and sounds)
- the normandy germans wear black waffen SS honor guard uniforms
- the usa rangers become paratroopers
- the english soldiers become canadian infantry
- added extra blood

The veterans of WWII:
- focused on all battlefields
- US rangers bacome paratroopers
- english troopers belong to another infantry division army (in Normandy)
- weapon skins for all weapons, from very variated places and authors
- new weapon sounds
- all new germans: Normandy - wermacht soldiers, desert - new Afrika Korps skins , russia - new winter camo
- greater amount of blood

The Japanese front:
- focused on the Normandy (maybe Iwo Jima? :D ) battles
- don't be too excited, it doesn't change the original cod2 places, only the troopers:
- Normandy germans become japanese soldiers
- new MoH pacific assault sounds
- still german weapons for the japs, but I tried to search some that a bit look like the japanese ones (e.g: a light-coloured Kar, etc)
- new US soldier skins (other division army skins)
- all american and english and russian weapon skins are replaced by new ones
- new russian skins (teal-green)
-new compass
- lots of blood

Earlier Warfare:
- focused on all battlefields
- I tried to make a little bit earlier feeling about the gameplay, for example:
- americans have Springfields instead of Garands (thanks to Back 2 Fronts mod)
- instead of M1 carbine, they carry Winchester shotguns
- US troops are (lighter?) paratroopers
- Normandy germans are Fall...falls....fallsjamie.....fallsjager? - AH! --- german paratroopers! :D
- Normandy english soldiers become paratroopers
- The "Desert rats" (english 7th division army) becomes the African Royal Guard
- new russian skins (teal-grey)
- more life-like blood

- focused on the city-battles
- all nowadays weapons
- new modern(-er) uniforms for all factions (Normandy germans looks like as some bandints or terrorists from CS :D )
- new sounds from cod5
- lots and lots of bloooooood!

-Back 2 Fronts team
-KIF (KnifeInFace)

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