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///////Created by mitka\\\\\\\

Hello we want to change the Space mod CoD2 a bit in SCI-FI. Edit lot of things, I hope you enjoy it.

Weapons: Tesla, Raygunadze, Wunderwaffe, Rocketlauncher
Skin: Compass, menu, texture, Mouse, Character and more ...
More: Effects, Sound, Sprint, Ammo and Granada bar, icons
Models: Allies, Axis and Weapons

MapPack 1: Endor, Dead Star, Wind Tunnel
MapPack 2: The moon, Q3 SpaceZone, Battle in Space, Spacezone v2 Nazi Jupiter Space Station
MapPack 3: Battlepit, Gob Boi, The Moon v2, v2 Redfeild, Vovel, Yuko

I would also like to thank:
(Mods / skins): Tally, Caveman, Vector Akashi, PetX, NIBosilo, MCh2207Cz
(Maps): N.E.R.D Star Wars Themed Models, L & D = TGrl.NeGr, ZomRick, Xelvod, .: GOS:.,
(FX): Mario Guzman

Release to Community
100% Complete [1.8.2012]

>>>> I hope you will enjoy the mod by Mitka THX

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