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The REALITY of War Team (so far):


-We aim at modding the CoD2 game to bring realism and actual war.

Mission Objectives:

-new weapons
-new skins
-modified AI
-new player loadout
-new HUD
-german mod
-maybe a modern weapons mod

Release date:
-August 1. We are not the best modders out there, but we will try to comlete the objectives.

There will be demos once in a while. Check the download section to check them out.
Feel free to make constucted comments. ANY ignorant comments will be deleted.
Have fun!

ALL the weapons EXCEPT the m1897 trench gun, m3a1 grease gun, browning hi-power, and avt-40 ARE NOT made by me, all credit of those weapons goes to the owners/creators. They are found in the section below.


-WiCopp aka WCP75 (weapons, major scripts)
-@'di (weapons)
-PetX (weapons)
-MCh2207Cz (weapons, sounds, 2D graphics)
pvtherman (minor scripts)
-torre (weapons)
-green beret (weapons)
-b@stard (gore)
-sufian (weapons)
-Ziegen (weapons)
-Triby (weapons)
-acesheer (skin)
-rapsodia (skins)
-war_crimes (skins)
-ferry (skins)
-aceofspades (skins)
-buckdich (skins)
-aeneas2020 (skins)

Special Thanks:


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