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The third part contains new missions as the Battle of Belchite, Teruel, the Battle of the Ebro and the end of the war on both sides. On the Republican side offered an alternate ending that has nothing to do with what actuallyoccurred. Have changed the missions of the Alcazar of Toledo and addedsome details and corrections in the other missions. We also have added some new animations for some missions, as well as cutscenes. Videoshave been added in. Roq replacing the slides that were in the previousversion. There will also be new weapons and other improved as the Mauser, Vz-24, Maxim (thanks to MCh2207Cz), DP28 and anti-tank cannon(Imported from Cod WAW). There will also be a new menu and new songsadded (improved original versions).
We will soon have new news about the mod.

These are the people who have somehow worked in a mod content during processing.
Single Player Version:

Mapping: Triby.
Sounds: 1936MOH Team, Triby, Eddy, Call of Duty 1 and WAW, Death To Spies (
some sounds of vehicles)
Scripting: Triby.
Hud and Interface: Triby.
Skinning: Triby, Red Brigada, AK47, Truxaco.
Textures (Models and Maps): 1936MOH Team, Triby, Huruman (Bilbao Armored Car texture), World of Tanks (Bt-5 tank texture)
3D Models: 1936MOH Team, Triby, MCh2207Cz, AK47, Call of Duty 1 and WAW.
Animations: Triby.
Mission Voices: Game Sombras de Guerra, Vassili Tsaitsev, Call of Duty 1,2 and WAW.
Generic Voices: Game Sombras de Guerra, Hoeppner, Triby, M. Libertaria, Call of Duty WAW.
English Translator: Vassili Tsaitsev, Arkadas, M. Libertaria, Arturo.
Multiplayer Version:

Mod Leaders: AK47, Triby.
Mapping: AK47, Triby, Huruman, Txuri, Aeriadol, Jaguillo.
Sound: Merrayo, MrKorn3, Comecocos, CNT-FAI.
Scripting: Triby
2D: AK47, Triby, Ion, Baby, Huruman.
Skinning: AK47, Triby, Maverick, Red Brigada.
Interface: AK47, Triby, Red Brigada
3D Export&Modelling: AK47, Triby
Historians: Ion, Red Brigada, CNT-FAI
Documentation: M. Libertaria, Red Brigada, Hoeppner.
Webmaster: AK47
Other Imported Mods: Xtreme 2.7 (Machine Gun Overheat, Diana model), German Front Mod (Sprint and some scripts), PetX (fonts Cod WAW)

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