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SuperJoinTunes COD2 mod v1.0 coded by Nuke^

This is another cod2 multiplayer mod, hot on the heels of my cod2 Quakeheadshot mod

This mod will play up to 7 of your favorite mp3 songs, jokes, welcome message etc.
anything u can think of to jaz up your server at the start of each map in rotation.

featchers :

== ability to switch all sounds off/on
== Select next tune to be played
== auto rotates to the next song/audio and then back to the start every round/map change

The first thing you will want to do is change the included songs in the mod

do this :

1. Select you favorite songs.
2. Rename them to song1.mp3, song2.mp3, song3.mp3 etc,, , ,Song7.mp3
3. open up the mod file with winrar and drop your songs into the sounds folder overwriting the existing ones.
4. drop the mod into your main or fs_game folder and you ready to go.

To turn the songs off type
con set sjtunes "off" or "on" to switch them back on.
to select the next song to play u can type
con playsong (number of song)

con playsong 5

always take other mods out first before you try it, as goes with any mod

In s&d gametype the audio will play on every round start so you should bear this in mind when
selecting your songs/audio samples

In all other gametypes the audio plays every map change

this mod is compatible with my other "Quakeheadshot" mod and u can put any of the rifle only
or weapons mods in with it. Other than that I havent had time to test.

Questions ?
email admin at

If you make any nice sound packs for this mod id love to see them up on
or any of the cod2 mod sites etc.

You can get any of my mods at or help in the forums there

admin at

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