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KnifeInFace's Real Colt

-#2 Of The "Real" Series-


Simply place the iwd. file into your "main" folder which is situated in your Call of Duty 2 directory

Call of Duty 2 Directory - C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 2
Place the iwd. in here - C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 2main


All new grip with carved notches and diamond pattern around the screws.
Also new and improved textures, so Direct X7 users will be extremely happy with the high res.


All made by KnifeInFace (KIF) also known as Scott S. R. d'Eon
If you wish to use or edit this skin and rerelease it with your name on it, please ask me

Legal Stuff:

In no sircumstaces am I lyable for any harmfull events that may come to your computer, by installing this mod.
Its YOUR choice to install it, and its YOUR fault if your computer is harmed.
(Although I highly doubt this mod will harm your computer)
You've been warned!

Will there be another version?:



You can reach me at my website
or email me at

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