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-- Rapsodia's high-resolution skins for Axis (Normandy) version 2--

- This skin is pretty much same as the previous normandy skin with some little tweaks added. I changed the uniform colour and the helmet colour, improved the entrenching tool, mess kit, breadbag, etc. Dds file included. Cheers!


Due to the skin size of this skin (4096x2048 pixels) some older graphics cards may not be able to handle the skin correctly, so you might get errors when you try to play. If you cannot play with this skin just simply unistall it by deleting zzz_axis_normandy_hires_v2.iwd file.

--Installation --

Extract the zzz_axis_normandy_hires_v2.iwd into your Call of Duty 2 main directory.

--Uninstallation --

Delete zzz_axis_normandy_hires_v2.iwd to uninstall the skins.


Rapsodia, email:

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