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arrggggghh.....arghh arghh... finally I finished this skin. Well in the iwd file you can find a panzergrenadier skins. Watchout with the screenshots attached in the zipfile, beause you will see the Waffen SS soldiers without the sniper badge and the SS eagle for historical reasons.

I worked on the most little details like the seam lines and the helmet shadows. If you are a luckyboy and your computer allows you the dx9 mode you will enjoy these skins because the helmet cover looks very realist. Also I skined again the m-36 greatcoat because I love it.

I used the high-res file of Raposdia, also I used his Zelts and gear textures because are

Well boys, hope your computer allows you play the dx9 mode.



skin by: ferry
original base file by: Rapsodia

time of construction: 3 damned entire days

thanks to: Rapsodia for allow use his own creations


put the IWI file in your main folder

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