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Camo Paint v1.0 (19 SEP 2006)
CoD2 Camouflage Decal Texture

By: a.k.a.WarMachine



Can be used in CoD2Radiant as a decal on existing brushes to give your brush faces a painted camouflage appearance. This technique can be used to help blend walls and other structures into its surroundings. These decals can be used naturally on a nodraw brush face or mesh, and/or blended on a mesh.

There are currently two variants of camo paint in this version:

camo_paint1 - For use with green, foliage areas.
camo_paint2 - For use with dirt, desert areas.



-- Extract the file "" to a folder somewhere on your machine.

-- Copy the file "zzz_camo_paint.iwd" to the "main" directory of your CoD2 installation. (This file contains the images and materials needed to use in CoD2Radiant)



-- I included all of the source files for use with the asset_manager. All of these files are included in the folder named "source". The folder named "images" needs to be in a subdirectory of the "Call of Duty" directory. This folder contains the images and the file "camo_paint.gdt". The files named with "no_alpha" can be put anywhere on your computer if you want to modify them or add your own custom alpha channel.

-- I decided to make these image files because I haven't come across any stock camo type textures yet. If they are there, I must have missed 'em. I also wanted to share these with the modding community.

-- Enjoy

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