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This mod will give you a message generator. This was originally written by Rudedog for COD.
I have adapted it to work with COD2.

*All 8 messages must be used*



A) Copy the file 'ZZZ_message_generator.iwd' into your Call of Duty 2main directory on your server.

B) 1.Add below lines to your server.cfg
2.Edit lines however you like.
3.Adjust scrolling time. Must be greater than 5 seconds.

//RD Msg Center Text Settings
seta sv_linerd1 "test1"
seta sv_linerd2 "test2"
seta sv_linerd3 "test3"
seta sv_linerd4 "test4"
seta sv_linerd5 "test5"
seta sv_linerd6 "test6
seta sv_linerd7 "tets7"
seta sv_linerd8 "test8"
seta sv_rddelay "30" // Time between msg's, must be >5 secs


Delete/remove this mod from your Call of Duty 2 demomain directory.

Hope you enjoy,


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