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Author: Hyper

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Rcon menu

Hi. My names Hyper and i felt that an rcon mod for every server needed to be released.
This will work on all three versions of Call of duty 2, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.3

this rcon menu adds an option when u press 'Esc' button ingame so that there is an extra button called Rcon
Menu. Within this menu are several buttons that you can press once logged into rcon through console,
to enhance gameplay etc.

This mod also contains a bash mod within it of which i give credit to number7 ( and
standalone version created by DaMole ( for.

I am currently working on several different mods including the rcon menu itself, which i will be releasing
soon if i have not done so already.

If you are going to use this rcon menu in this server, then thanks a lot as this mod took me quite a long
time to create - 10 hours.

Also, if you are going to use the rcon menu but edit the menu, please contact me first about editing it
please as it did take some time to put together. My contact details are below.

Name:Daniel griffiths
Ingame Name: Hyper

I am currently part of a modding team of which the leader is PwN3R and Lilpimp

Xf: punishman1993 - pwner
xf: asesinato666 - limpimp

We all create mods and maps for the Call of duty series, including, cod5, cod4, cod2, cod:uo and cod 1.
If you do have any questions about modding or mapping or want to know more informaiton about our releases,
please dont hesitate to contact me, lilpimp or PwN3R.

Hyper - Solitary Work on this menu.
Aez - Testing Final Menu on his server.
number7 ( and standalone version created by DaMole ( - bash mode
Activison - 1.3 PAM Mode FX

Time To Create: 10 hours
Type: Modification - Mainly scriptmenus.

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