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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats & Codes

Cheat Mode:
Enable the console from the game's in-game options.
Hit the ~ key
Type seta thereisacow "1337" and then press ENTER.
Type spdevmap bog_a and then press enter.

Cheat Mode: Intel Pieces
To unlock cheats you'll need to locate Intel Pieces strewn throughout the game. Their are 30 to collect, and the more of them you collect, the more cheats will be unlocked. Here is a list of cheats, what the cheats do and how many Intel Pieces are needed to unlock each one.
Exit and load your game or start a new one.
When playing, drop down the dev-console and enter your codes.

Code: Description:
up down up down left right left right Zombie mode (Pause before entering cheat)
give all Access All Weapons
cg_LaserForceOn 1 Add Laser Sights to ALL Weapons
jump_height # Adjust Gravity Default = 39
timescale # Adjust Time Default = 1.00
r_fullbright Easier to see things
notarget Enemies Ignore You
give ammo Full Ammo
god God Mode
demigod God mode but screen still shakes
noclip No Clipping Mode
cg_drawGun Removes Your Gun
ufo Same as noclip?
cg_fov Zoom with any Gun
"CoD Noir" (2) Play the game in black and white (Intel Pieces)
"Photo Negative" (4) Game colors are inverted (Intel Pieces)
"Super Contrast" (6) Game's contrast increases (Intel Pieces)
"Ragtime Warfare" (8) Play the game like an old silent movie (Intel Pieces)
"Cluster Bombs" (10) One frag grenade has five explosions (Intel Pieces)
"A Bad Year" (15) Enemies explode into tires when shot (Intel Pieces)
"Slow Mo Ability" (20) Game plays at 40% normal speed (Intel Pieces)
"Infinite Ammo" (30) Unlimited ammo (Intel Pieces)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Hints, Tips

Unlockable: Arcade Mode
To unlock Arcade Mode, beat the game once through on any difficulty level. Arcade Mode itself is split into two options - Full Challenge or Level Challenge - that add extra replayability to the game.
Multiplayer Perks
3 Frag Grenades - Rank 41

Bandolier - Rank 32

Bomb Squad - Rank 14

Claymores - Rank 23

Double Tap - Rank 29

Last Stand - Rank 8

Martyrdom - Rank 17

Overkill - Rank 38

Sleight of Hand - Rank 20

UAV Jammer - Rank 11
Unlockable Multiplayer Weapons
Assault Rifle - G3 - Reach Rank 25

Assault Rifle - G36C - Reach Rank 37

Assault Rifle - M14 - Reach Rank 46

Assault Rifle - M4 Carbine - Reach Rank 10

Assault Rifle - MP44 - Reach Rank 52

LMG - M60E4 - Reach Rank 19

Pistol - Desert Eagle - Reach Rank 43

Pistol - Golden Desert Eagle - Reach Rank 55

Pistol - M1911 - Reach Rank 16

Shotgun - M1014 - Reach Rank 31

SMG - AK-74U - Reach Rank 28

SMG - Mini Uzi - Reach Rank 13

SMG - P90 - Reach Rank 40

Sniper Rifle - Barret - Reach Rank 49

Sniper Rifle - Dragunov - Reach Rank 22

Sniper Rifle - M40 - Reach Rank 04

Sniper Rifle - R700 - Reach Rank 34
Your first perk slot is mostly reserved for extra explosives, or an attachment to one of your weapons like a silencer or red-dot sight. The standard soldier has one frag grenade and one flash, smoke or stun grenade. Tier one perks can give you three more of either, two charges of C4 or two RPG rockets. But unlocking those extra frags could take a while: they're not available until level 41.

Perk: Eavesdrop
Lets you listen in on what the enemy team is saying even when on they're on their private channel.

Perk: Bandolier
Allows you to carry more ammo.

Perk: Stopping power
By stopping, we mean killing. This perk pumps up the damage on all your firearms.

Perk: Juggernaught
Decreases damage taken, giving you extra time to close in on enemies and stab them for the kill.

Perk: Sleight of Hand
Reduces reloading time by half.

Perk: Double-tap
Unlocked at level 29 - weapon fires at twice the rate for a short time.

Perk: Overkill
Allows you to carry two primary weapons.

Perk: Sonic Boom
Increases damage of explosive weapons.

Perk: Extreme Conditioning
Increases length of sprints.

Perk: Last Stand
Continue firing after killed.

Perk: Martyrdom
Drop a grenade after killed.

Perk: Steady Aim
Increases accuracy of shooting when not looking through sights.

Perk: Deep Impact
Bullets penetrate deeper through cover.

Perk: Iron Lungs
Increases sprint length more than Extreme Conditioning.

Perk: Dead Silence
Obtained at level 44 - decreases sound when moving.


By mastercod (I just got here) on Nov 15, 2009
By mastercod (I just got here) on Nov 15, 2009
how i can use mods??? 8)
hehehehehehehehe /(
By Callum_Walters (I just got here) on Dec 14, 2010
do u have to press pause to put them in first?
By Scar11969 (SI Core) on Jul 24, 2011
By Scar11969 (SI Core) on Jul 24, 2011
By satorn (SI Veteran Member) on Jan 18, 2012
to use mods first unzip or unrar them inside the main file inside the installation folder .
or put the .wid file inside the main folder and play :)
By Scar11969 (SI Core) on Jan 20, 2012
:D yup it just that ;P
By Scar11969 (SI Core) on Jan 20, 2012
:D yup it just that ;P
By satorn (SI Veteran Member) on Jan 22, 2012
you may find it a lil bit hard to enable cheats at first time but if everything .
By Scar11969 (SI Core) on Feb 05, 2012
My first time was really hard FIRST TIME always hard because we just dont know nothing about the direc
By satorn (SI Veteran Member) on Oct 22, 2012
dear lady u need to hone your battle skills and then u will find it easy
By COD4Master (I just got here) on Jul 23, 2013
This cheats is for noobs the not learn of the this game.
Uniteds noobs