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Map Name: Damnation Alley

File Name: mp_damnalley

Build: 1.0

Author: Peter Broughton ( Killer ~JBI~ )

Squad: JBI

Squad Website:

Info: Map was a recreation of the BHD map Damnation Alley, created by STU=EVOL= who has now become a ~JBI~ member and passed the original map over to me to recreat for COD4.

heilcopters are rendered almost pointless. in such a small map and have not been added, however The airstrikes should still be a useful asset.

Gametypes: DM, TDM, DOM, SAB, HQ

Installation: Unzip the folder into you usermaps folder.

If no usermaps folder is found, then Create the folder usermaps/ in you Call of Duty 4 folder

e.g. ../Call of Duty 4/usermaps/

Then extract into the usermaps folder and then you should have

e.g. ../Call of Duty 4/usermaps/mp_damnalley

In usermaps/mp_damnalley/
you should have these files

"mp_damnalley.ff" and "mp_damnalley_load.ff" and "mp_damnalley.iwd"

Questions?: Contact me on the public forums here

Release history:

1.0 First offical release ( There might be a few bugs, but during my testing this shouldn't hinder game play to much.)

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