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mp_sharqi_day by Zeroy

This is the Final release of the map. Most bugs have hopefully been caught, it is Final version unless a major bug is found.

All feedback and/or suggestions to the or mapping forums or directly on my site:


NOTES: !!! Only tested on 1.5 and AWE4 1.2 !!!

Changes in this version:

- New minimap
- New Loadscreen
- TV Station sides can be accessed again
- Added way around the hills between Axis spawn and TV Station
- Removed Leaking/Explosive barrels (issues with oil decals)
- Added breakable glass to the Double container

The map

It took well over 200 hours from start to finish (started on 19/01/08)

* 11 Fx are used in the map
* Scripts used for elevator, breakables, fan spining
* 146 Textures in use
* 963 terrain patches (including blending layers)
* Near 14000 models placed in map (not unique :p)
* Compile time of about 4 hours

note: Tutorials for all scripts used in this map can be found here:


This map supports: DM/TDM/DOM/SAB/SD/KOTH -- it does not support Oldschool mod.

If you run AWE4 you can enjoy CTF/CTFB/HTF as well :)


To install on a server you must be running a MOD! (any mod will do even modwarfare or empty folder)

Extract the zip in cod4_root folder
Copy "mp_sharqi_day.iwd" into your mods folder
Run Cod4 and type 'map mp_sharqi_day' in console or add the map to your servers rotation.

For Server Admin - Fog

To enable/disable fog on the map:

add this line to your server config file (i.e server.cfg)

For DAY version:

set mp_sharqi_fog_on "1" // Enable fog on map
set mp_sharqi_fog_on "0" // Disable fog on map

For NIGHT version:

set mp_sharqi_n_fog_on "1" // Enable fog on map
set mp_sharqi_n_fog_on "0" // Disable fog on map

Note that if you don't use the dvar, fog will be disabled.


Chaz for the terrain (many hours spent on it!) and for the many hours testing the map for bugs
All the modders/mappers for the great help on various bits, especially Wakka/Marshall :)

And of course Infinity Ward for supplying the tools/materials to make this map!

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