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Crossroads 1.0


Gametypes supported: dm, war (tdm), sab, sd, dom, koth (HQ)

Max Players: 32


1. Place all files in C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfareusermapsmp_crossroads. If the directory does not exist, create it.

(If you bought COD4 from Steam, your COD4 directory is located in C:Program Filessteamsteamappscommon)

2. Open the mod of your choice.

3. In console enter "/map mp_crossroads"


- Moved Domination Flag A into adjacent building

- Added cover to patios surrounding central square

- Removed access to tiny detail ledges that players weren't supposed to access

- Players can no longer leave the map in a certain spot

- Fixed issue where players could not shoot through domination flag (it was actually a light in front of it that was the problem)

- Fixed areas where players were getting stuck while running around

- scaffolding near terrorist base accessible with ladder


- Higher sniper minaret (playable area has not changed)

- Minaret got an exterior make over

- More alpha blending on buildings

- Changed sunlight direction and height

- More detailed texture work

- removed some lights to make some interiors a little darker

- added shutters to office overlooking square and terrorist base

- fixed some misplaced models

- replaced three non-clipped models with properly clipped prefabs


This is version 1.0. Additional versions will follow if I am apprised of significant issues or get enough feedback to change elements of the gameplay. Otherwise I hope this is the final release.


British Bulldogs for playtesting my beta version; their extensive testing helped me nail down map glitches and this version is much better because of it.

Everyone at the IW Wiki forums and Modsonline.

Please e-mail me at with feedback. Enjoy!

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