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README for the COD4 custom map Verl4

Released: Friday, October 3, 2008

short name :mp_verla4

Designed and created by blmeanie entirely as a fictional battlefield

*Modification or usage of any part of this package is allowed without permission of the creator, but this readme file must be included in the redistribution package, Thank you.

mp_verla4 (c) 2008

- other credits:
- extensive testing by the members of www.roguewarriors2 aka Rogue Warriors, and pubs alike
- custom textures for the various monuments throughout the map created by Randomzero
- tremendous and continuous help from the modsonline community. Without their help this would not have happened.

Email :
Guild site:

- create a folder called usermaps in the root directory of the installed game
- copy the entire folder within the zip file to the usermaps folder

Map Information:
This is my third released map. The first two were for cod2.

- TDM, DM, DOM, CTF, CTFB, SAB, SD, and HQ gametypes all supported and tested.
- Players supported 0-20 comfortably
- Most of the buildings are original creations, there is a prefab used as well
- Below ground tunnel system to aid in covert movement
- No known map exploits, tested and revised to block any during the testing process
- Size : medium
- Effects : fire, smoke, minefield

Map Download:
- various online download spots

- included in zip file

Design Time:
- Approx. 5 months, off and on
- began in April of 2008
- finished late September 2008

Map Story:
- The map is an updated map from a cod2 map I made. The town has transformed from a battleground during WWII to a rebuilding town that finds itself in the middle of intense modern battles. There are plenty of buildings to move through and around including a McDonalds, a CVS pharmacy, an old school Tap Room as well as some apartments.

- I would gladly accept feedback, both positive and negative, from those that download and play this map.

Custom textures:
- besides the previously mentioned textures used for the monuments, there are a few banners with my personal logo of a blue meanie.

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