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Note: This release fixes Search and Destroy positions and Awe4 Capture the Flag

Map Title : mp_cc
Map Version : Final
Author : [907th]Frittz
E-mail :
Website :


Game : Call of Duty 4

Supported Gametype : Multiplayer

: Deathmatch
: Team Deathmatch
: Sabotage
: Domination (5 flags)
: Search and Destroy
: Headquarters
: AWE 4 Support - CTF-CTFB fixed
: Most other Mods test out fine.
*See Installation Instructions
for _teams.gsc info*


Simply add the following DVAR to one of your server configs. Default is "1".

(1=ON / 0=OFF)

set mp_storm "1" // Storm Effect and Sounds
set mp_gust "1" // Wind Sound in Field
set mp_anthem "1" // Partisan Song on Radio in House

Map Size : 8-32 : Medium - Large Map

Contents of this Package :

2x .ff
1x .iwd
14x Screenshots


Installation Instructions:

Extract folder to [root]/CoD4 folder (create folder if missing)

Rcon name for map is "mp_cc"

Please add the proper _teams.gsc into your server's Mods
to allow SAS vs. Spetznaz.
The original supplied by Infinity Ward was broken.
Otherwise models will not appear properly.


Construction Time : 5 months off and on.

Known Bugs : Map is created Sas vs Spetsnaz but works only with mods that have the _teams.gsc updated.
If you play this on a server and see Red X s, you may need to inform the Mod Creator that
that they need to update their _teams.gsc.

Average FPS : 70-100 FPS


Project Info : Created to try and break the traditional Map mold. More of an interactive
environment in a believable setting.


Thank You to : Zeroy for various tutorials and his invaluable help.
: Mike Nomad and all those at Raiders Game Net including, Redskull, Carcass26, benatwork, Paulo88, Buster and
many others for help and inspiration.
: Everyone that took the time to help test the map
: Everyone that put up with me constantly working on this project (ie Sophie and Savannah)...:)


Feedback : All feedback is welcome! Please email me with any problems or comments.
Thanks for downloading, and Enjoy!

Ben Roffelsen aka [907th]Frittz
Please email me with Errata.

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